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Fantasy art, fairy and goddess art,fractal and inspirational art by Scottish-Canadian artist/author Sonia C. Jensen
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by Sonia C. Jensen

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Mandala Art Gallery

I have recently discovered the soothing and calming effect of mandalas. Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning "circle" or completion. Tibetan monks create beautifully detailed mandalas using coloured sand, and spend many meditation hours creating these spiritual wonders. While I do not create my mandalas with sand, each design is unique and original whether created digitally or by using traditional means.

Floral Explosion Mandala by Sonia C. Jensen
Floral Explosion Mandala

Spring Mandala by Sonia C. Jensen
Spring Mandala

Tropical Fruit Salada by Sonia C. Jensen
Tropical Fruit Salad Mandala

Retro Mandala by Sonia C. Jensen
Retro Mandala

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