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Fantasy art, fairy and goddess art,fractal and inspirational art by Scottish-Canadian artist/author Sonia C. Jensen
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by Sonia C. Jensen

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About the Artist

Who is Sonia Jensen?

I was born in England to Scottish parents and we moved back up to Scotland when I was a baby. At age 2 1/2 I was adopted and my new family and I lived in Scotland until I was the age of almost 7 when we moved to Canada.

While in Scotland, I used to spend countless hours playing in the huge field behind our house. It was there that I spent my time daydreaming and creating fantasies about the wee folk that lived there. Scotland is a land filled with magick, fairies and legends of old, so it was a great place to develop an imagination that would serve me well in future years.

When we first arrived in Canada in April of 1964, it seemed such a cold and unfriendly place. I had a hard time making friends due to my shyness and other kids teasing me about my Scottish accent. As a result of that, I spent more and more time retreating into books. I would get lost in the adventures of great stories like Gulliver's Travels, Tom Sawyer, Kidnapped, Treasure Island and others. Yes, in my younger days I enjoyed "boys" books as they were filled with the adventures that I craved. When I reached my teens, I had expanded my reading to include books written by Mary Stewart, Louisa May Alcott, and in high school, I discovered gothic romance. I loved those chills that ran up and down my spine as heroines fled from haunted castles. ~~~laughs~~

As a youngster, about age 10 or so, I began to create my own stories. On hot summer evenings I would sit out on the steps of the carport and weave tales of fantasy and horror as my younger brother and his friends would sit and listen with rapt attention.

During my teen years and then as a young mother, I didn't have time to write stories, so that was put onto the back burner for a few years. Then my children got older and when both were in school full time, I had more time for me. I picked up a pen and started to write again. You can read some of my stories at Dreamland Magic, my site filled with fun and games for children.

During that time I also used to dabble in drawing, but never felt that I was any good. When my husband and I became "empty nesters" a few years ago, I decided to try my hand at art. With the encouragement of family and friends, and with the guidance of friend and artist Michele-lee Phelan, I began to explore my artistic ability. I enjoyed creating art using computer programs such as Paint Shop Pro, Terragen and Fractal Explorer, but it wasn't enough. I wanted to learn how to paint.

I scoured the books at work (did I mention I am an Assistant Librarian) and spent countless hours on the internet devouring all I could about painting with acrylics and finally put brush to canvas in 2003. Since then I have been concentrating on developing my art and am continuing to learn and grow in this area.

Well, that's just a short bit about me. I hope that you will enjoy visiting my site and that you will return again to see new additions.

Brightest Blessings
Sonia :)

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