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Fantasy art, fairy and goddess art,fractal and inspirational art by Scottish-Canadian artist/author Sonia C. Jensen
Whimsical Faerie Art, Colourful Fractals
Imaginative Dreamscapes & Inspirational Art
by Sonia C. Jensen

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Fantasy Digital Landscapes and Dreamscapes Art Gallery

I often dream of lands of pixie's, fairies, and other fantasy creatures, as well as having fond memories of Scotland, my homeland. With the help of programs such as ™Terragen and ™Bryce, I have ventured into lands unknown to man in our era. Worlds where the mystical and magical come together to create dreamscapes of the imagination.

Druid's Retreat Digital Landscape Fantasy by Sonia C. Jensen

Scottish Highlands Digital Landscape Fantasy by Sonia C. Jensen

Sentinels Digital Landscape Fantasy by Sonia C. Jensen

An island floats over the ocean in this impossible dreamscape fantasy by Sonia C. Jensen

As the Earth dies, spheres emerge fromthe ocean floors to form new worlds that will flourish with life, a digital fantasy by Sonia C. Jensen

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